How to Find Remote Crypto Jobs: Best Websites and Strategies.

Are you tired of your boring 9-5 job? Do you crave something more exciting and flexible? Look no further than remote crypto jobs! With the booming growth of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, there are plenty of opportunities for people with all sorts of skills to find a fulfilling job that offers both personal and professional development.

But where do you start? How can you find the best remote crypto jobs for you? In this article, we'll explore the top websites to find crypto jobs and some strategies to make yourself stand out among the hundreds of other applicants.

Top Websites for Remote Crypto Jobs

  1. CryptoJobs This website is a great place to start your search for remote crypto jobs. The website,, is a leading jobs board exclusively for the crypto and blockchain industries. Whether you're a developer, marketer, or writer, you'll find a wide range of job categories, including crypto marketing, blockchain consulting, and cryptocurrency development. The website allows you to browse the latest job openings, apply to relevant jobs, and even subscribe to job alerts.

  2. AngelList AngelList is a great place to find remote crypto jobs that are long-term and offer equity stakes. The website connects businesses and investors with startups and job seekers. You can view job listings by city, role, and salary, and also filter by such categories as remote work and company size. One feature that stands out about AngelList is its search engine, which incorporates keywords, skills, and interests related to blockchain and crypto jobs.

  3. RemoteOK This is a job board for remote work that includes a crypto jobs category. RemoteOK aggregates remote jobs from all sorts of industries, including development, design, customer service, and marketing. As a job seeker, you can sign up for daily or weekly job alerts, according to your preferences, and gain access to a variety of resources such as salary negotiation guides, interview questions, and resume templates.

  4. CryptoJobsList CryptoJobsList is a free online job board that specializes in crypto and blockchain jobs. The platform includes such job categories as software engineering, marketing, customer support, and business management. You'll also find a range of remote work positions and competitive salaries. One unique feature of CryptoJobsList is that you can filter job listings by company size, experience level, and even by blockchain platform.

  5. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a popular social networking site for professionals, and it also features job listings. One of the best ways to use LinkedIn for finding remote crypto jobs is to search for specific job titles related to blockchain and cryptocurrency, such as "blockchain developer," "crypto analyst," or "crypto marketer." You can also use filters to narrow down your search results by location, company type, and experience level.

Strategies to Stand Out in the Crypto Job Market

Once you've found a few remote crypto jobs that interest you, how do you increase your chances of getting hired? Here are some strategies to distinguish yourself from other job applicants:

  1. Highlight Your Relevant Skills One of the most important things you can do is highlight the skills you have that are most relevant to the job. Whether you're a software developer or a marketing specialist, make sure to emphasize your experience with blockchain and/or cryptocurrency. Consider also mentioning your proficiency in other crypto-related skills such as smart contracts, distributed ledgers, or decentralized finance.

  2. Build Up Your Portfolio Since most remote crypto jobs are based on results, not on hours worked, having a strong portfolio can be a key factor in landing the job. A portfolio illustrates your skills and experience, and demonstrates to potential employers that you've worked on relevant projects before. Whether you're a developer who has contributed to open-source blockchain projects or a marketer who has helped launch a successful initial coin offering (ICO), your portfolio can show what you've accomplished and what you're capable of.

  3. Be Proactive Don't just wait for job listings to appear on job boards. Instead, be proactive and reach out to crypto companies you're interested in directly. For example, you can follow them on social media, attend industry events, or network with other crypto professionals. By doing so, you can get a sense of what these companies are looking for in job candidates and tailor your application accordingly.

  4. Learn and Stay Up-to-date The crypto industry is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends and developments can give you a competitive advantage. Make a habit of reading crypto news, subscribing to crypto podcasts, and attending webinars and conferences. This not only gives you a better understanding of the industry as a whole, but also helps you identify potential niche areas to specialize in.

  5. Be Yourself Even though there's a lot of competition for remote crypto jobs, it's important to be authentic and genuine in your application process. Not only does this make you stand out from other applicants who may be using canned responses, but it also helps you find the crypto job that's the right fit for you. By being yourself in your application, interview, and communication, you'll attract the right companies and build relationships that can lead to long-term success in the industry.

In conclusion, landing a remote crypto job can be a great way to enjoy the flexibility and excitement of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry while building your skills and advancing your career. By utilizing the best websites for crypto jobs and following these strategies to stand out, you can land your dream job and thrive in the world of crypto.

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